Leading by example in Education, Sports and Healthcare

Our mission is to create successful and leading examples in the fields of Education, Sport and Healthcare that will improve our social environment and quality of life

Our main priorities

We work on projects in three main spheres that we believe have the potential to make a fundamental difference for our society and our living environment.


We aim to improve the quality of the educational process by supporting the implementation of modern educational methodologies as well as teachers and students that lead by example


We want to teach active sport culture to all age groups by providing modern sport infrastructure, nurturing sport mentality and supporting leading sport achievements.


We support innovative and hi-tech projects that can improve health and quality of life. Building a strong disease prevention culture is among our main priorities.

About the foundation

We aim to support projects that will help people to lead longer and better lives. We will make use of innovation and technological solutions that will help us realise our ambitious plans in the areas of education, sport and healthcare. 


With our investments we want to positively influence the quality of life in Bulgaria and even some of our ideas have the potential to make a global impact.


Ivo Tzenov & Tenko Nikolov, founders of "Lead by example" foundation

Our goals


To improve quality of life in Bulgaria

Each project we work on is an investment we make for the benefit of society with the goal of making a positive impact on our environment and our quality of life.


Make positive impact on important areas in the society

We focus on Education, Healthcare and Sport as they are the main drivers for better quality of life in modern societies.


To lead by example and inspire followers

They say that one swallow doesn't make a summer, but one good personal example can inspire success. We strive to lead by example and encourage others to follow.


To set high quality standards

Our work aims to improve the quality of education, healthcare and sport in Bulgaria in order to make it a better place to live.

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